The basics of Bitcoin

The first question that comes to mind for someone who is not familiar with Bitcoin is "What is Bitcoin?" Another common question frequently asked about Bitcoin pricing. It started at the low price of 10 cents for Bitcoin after it was introduced in early 2009. It has steadily risen since then and has recently reached $ 4,000 per Bitcoin. So, with respect to the value of Bitcoin or the Bitcoin exchange rate, this is a remarkable rate of appreciation and has made many millionaires in the last eight years.

The Bitcoin market is worldwide, and Chinese and Japanese citizens have been particularly active in acquisitions with other Asian countries. Recently, however, in the Bitcoin news, the Chinese government has sought to sway its activities in this country. The move has reduced Bitcoin's value for a short time, but has recently declined, and is now approaching its previous value.

The history of Bitcoin is very interesting. Its creator was an anonymous group of brilliant mathematicians (using the Satoski Nakamoto pseudonym) who designed the "virtual gold" in 2008 and released the first Bitcoin program during the height of the US economic crisis. They knew that gold, like its long-term value, should reach its limit. Thus, its creation stopped production at the level of 21 million Bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining refers to the process by which a new Bitcoin was created. With ordinary currencies, the government decides when and where to print. With Bitcoin, "miners" use special software to solve complex mathematical problems, and in return a certain number of Bitcoin is issued.

One question that follows is that Bitcoin is worth taking a culture. The answer is NO for the average person. It requires a highly sophisticated knowledge and powerful computer system, and the combination of these factors makes the masses inaccessible. This is more applicable to the 2017 bitcoin culture than in previous years.

Many wonder who is taking Bitcoin? This question is asked in a variety of ways, what are bitcoin stores, what are the sites that accept bitcoins, what are some bitcoin retailers, what are some places where bitcoin is used, and where can I spend bitcoin.

More and more companies are starting to see the value of adopting cryptocurrencies as a reliable payment option. Some big companies are the DISH network, Microsoft, Expedia, Shopify stores, Newegg, Payza, 2Pay4You and more. Currently, the two main holders are Walmart and Amazon.

Ethereum is one of Bitcoin's most powerful competitors in the cryptocurrency market, and many are surprised by the question of Bitcoin vs Ethereum. Ethereum was created in mid-2015 and gained some popularity, but in terms of use, acceptance and value, it is still far behind Bitcoin.

One common question is often related to Bitcoin scams. This author has a friend from a company that promises 1-2% growth every day. The company website has no contact details, and a few months later the website just disappeared one day, and my friend lost all the money he had invested a few thousand dollars.

To get started, you need to know how to get Bitcoins, how to get Bitcoin, or how to get Bitcoin by credit card. Coinbase is a very popular site to do this. Their fee is 3.75% and the purchase price is $ 10,000 per day. This will probably be the easiest way to get bitcoin.

Others want to buy Bitkoini with a debit card. Coinbase also offers this service or has step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with your debit or credit card.

There are those who want to buy Bitcoin right away. This can be done at Paxful, Inc. and can be made through W. Union or any credit / debit card.

Other general questions are the best way to get Bitcoins, the best way to get bitcoins, or where to buy bitcoins online. The easiest way is probably to buy a digital asset exchange like Coinbase previously shown. It's easy to open an account with them, and after you have linked your bank account, you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin. This is probably the best place to buy Bitcoins.

You need to know what the Bitcoin wallet is and how you use it. Bitcoin equivalent of just a bank account. Allows you to purchase, store and send Bitcoins to others. What makes Bitcoin a set of privacy keys. Usually encrypted with a password or protected from unauthorized access.

There are several types of digital wallets to choose from. A web wallet lets you send, receive, and save Bitcoin, regardless of your web browser. Another type of desktop wallet is where the wallet software is stored directly on your computer. There are also mobile wallets designed for the use of a mobile device.

A question that sometimes arises is how to get a Bitcoin stock exchange or a Bitcoin stock. The most common way to proceed in this area is to buy Bitcoin directly, rather than shareholder.

Bitcoin Investment Trust is an entity that is prepared to track the market flow. Some analysts call this a risky way to enter the market.

The Bitcoin exchange rate has been a closely monitored criterion for both the daily and the long-term over the last 8 years since entering the global financial market. XE is a well-known company that will receive the most relevant Bitcoin rating. Bitcoin points to USD valuation as well as Bitcoin's price chart, Bitcoin's value chart, and Bitcoin's USD chart. If you ask, "How much is a Bitcoin?" You will always find out from their constantly updated charts.

Similar questions in this area are related to bitcoin exchange rate history, bitcoin price schedule, bitcoin dollar exchange rate, bitcoin dollar schedule, and bitcoin 5 year chart. The aforementioned website is also a good source for finding answers to these questions.

When it comes to Bitcoin money, that is. Bitwol is a company that allows you to earn US dollars from the sale of Bitcoin. WikiHow is another company that will take you through this time.

The projected value of Bitcoin is a frequently discussed topic. The price of a bitcoin in January 2015 was $ 215. It is currently $ 5,000. This is a phenomenal increase and is something that most experts have predicted at that time. Looking at the forecasts of experts from around the world, it can be seen that the total cost is about $ 10,000 and one expert estimates that it is even worth $ 100,000.

Buenos Aires: a tourist paradise

From the beautiful botanical gardens to the inspiring theaters, full of Argentine culture, it is the capital and largest city of Argentina. It is a coastal city rich in cultural heritage. For those interested in taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires for those who wish to venture outdoors – this city has everything for everyone!

Verdant Gardens

The beautiful botanical garden is located in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It has a triangular shape and houses over 5000 species of stylized plants, trees and shrubs in three unique gardening landscapes.

The Japanese garden is another unique masterpiece, unique in the world. The atmosphere is truly serene and is a great place if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Immerse yourself in the culture

For tourists interested in culture, behold! You will not be disappointed here. Attend Spanish classes in a great way to incorporate into the culture. Understanding the language is the key to understanding culture. It is known for its well-designed Spanish classes, which will give you an edge in your speaking and writing skills.

Buenos Aires is thriving with theaters – the odd 40 theaters show plays, opera, musicals and music reviews. The Colon Theater is considered the great opera house of Buenos Aires and is considered one of the top five theaters in the world.

The visual arts have been part of the tradition in Buenos Aires for a long time. Art galleries, museums and cultural centers regularly hold exhibitions, gallery nights and art fairs. Famous art galleries and annual cultural events such as ArteBA and La Noche Del Museos provide a great learning experience.

Argentina is the birthplace of tango music. Tango has recently been declared part of the world's cultural heritage and there are institutes that teach this form of music.

Getting there

So it is decided, do you want to spend your next vacation in this charming city?

Getting to Buenos Aires is easy. There are regular domestic and international flights to the city's main airport. Train, ferries or driving to the city are other alternatives, but no matter how far you reach, you will definitely love your stay and all that paradise has to offer. For more information, visit the site.

Get started with Bitcoins

Bitcoin is probably the most popular currency in the digital world. The fundamental idea is that you can use this to pay for the product when there is no government or bank-like external intermediary. View Bitcoin as a great note shared by each of your customers: The exchange will be documented if you pay or receive using Bitcoin. Computers will then struggle to validate the exchange using a sophisticated mathematical procedure, and the shampoo will be awarded with more Bitcoins. The procedure is commonly referred to online as "mining"; do not overdo it: only a real expert will be able to use the term online currency.

In many ways, it is like real money with a few basic contradictions. Although physical types of Bitcoins exist, money and basic structure are computer information that allows you to exchange on the Internet, P2P, through a mobile phone software or online management. You can acquire Bitcoins by exchanging cash, products or administration with other people who own Bitcoins or who use the process described above. Bitcoin "mining" is included in a running programming program that uses complex numerical comparisons to reward a small portion of Bitcoin.

Once you own one percent of your online currency, you can use it to get something you know. Now and again, Bitcoin is a major payment type and you will need to buy one to complete a successful online transaction. While this necessary clarification may answer a large portion of your Bitcoin questions, it raises more questions in your brain. Other Things You Want to Know About Bitcoins.

How to own Bitcoin

Acquiring Bitcoin requires hard work; but there are several easier alternatives. Bitcoin acquisition requires less effort than the mining process; but obviously comes with the use of your decent money. Mine then gets the power of the computer to work, and it produces more results.

What is a wallet program?

As mentioned above, the presence of Bitcoins will require an online management or wallet programming. Your wallet has a lot of memory on your drive and you need to find a Bitcoin dealer to provide the real currency. The wallet makes the whole process less demanding.

You need to register with an online office such as Coinbase or My Wallet to develop your wallet application. For these rules, we will use Coinbase in terms of providing a straightforward, integrated purchase procedure with two variables for enhanced security.

  1. On the left side of the menu, tap the Connected Account and enter your financial account. It may take several days for Coinbase to effectively connect to your financial account. So, by the time you expect to buy Bitcoins, you should already have some adjustment.
  2. Once you successfully connect to your Coinbase account, tap the Bitcoin Sales / Sales link. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you need, which will direct you to the Shopping field, tap on your bank account and select "Get Bitcoin". The exchange may take several days to complete, but you will receive a message once the Bitcoins have been safely sent to your wallet.

Acquisition does not require much effort, but requires a lot of waiting. There is also a tendency for exchange rates to determine the amount of money you need to spend on Bitcoin purchases.

What is Mining?

The mining process involves running a computer program that analyzes complex scientific, mathematical procedures. If your computer solves one of these mathematical expressions, you will receive a reward at Bitcoins. The problem, however, is that a single computer can compete against a large collection of computers with a high probability of responding in advance to equality.

This means that your PC will be engaged in a group of jobs and will take some time before you can win the prize. The most practical thing you can do is join a mining group. This way, it is possible to get paid, but the award should leave you with a small amount, leaving you with a small amount. In any case, without the home of supercomputers, you are likely to earn more than a long distance by mining with your team.

How to use the free Bitcoin generator

Bitcoin is a new cryptocurrency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2007 and prompted by a large number of investors, prompted by the business world in 2009. Bitcoin is used in many countries as an alternative currency. Most Bitcoin companies are expanding their customer base in different countries by providing lucrative revenue and easy-to-convert policies. The Bitcoin generator is becoming a new trend that can increase the amount invested by two or three times.

Companies provide security to their investors, however, the market fluctuates and makes the most sophisticated software and hardware solutions accessible to the general public. Bitcoin companies earn millions of dollars by giving their customers higher, encouraging them to invest more. returns its investments.


To find out how to use a free bitcoin generator, first open the bitcoin application from your desktop screen. Connect to your Internet server, because it is reliable and anonymous, you can easily create or double your problem. So the main step to double your bitcoin is to first deposit the amount. You need to enter your bitcoin wallet address on the deposit rod to invest the money. Now that your wallet is opened, move your money to the wallet. To do this, click the send button and paste your bitcoin deposit address to send money to bitcoin to double your money. You will see a successful transfer notification in your Bitcoin software window. This bitcoin currency will now be converted into a program currency, and in a few minutes the amount will be doubled automatically. Now click the save button to see if it's saved and the money is doubled. Then click on the update button to get a complete overview of your transaction, for example, if you put 0.10 bitcoin in your pocket the double amount will be 0.20 bitcoin. Now you need to go to your bitcoin wallet to extract your bitcoin money, click the accept button from there, and copy the address that appears in your window. The next step is to retrieve the bitcoin stick and hit the back button. The whole process will take a while, but once it's over, you'll see a "Bitcoin Received" message on your screen and bitcoins will appear on your wallet.

Bitcoin generator is a simple way to make easy money. Bitcoin operates on a cryptographic protocol. Bitcoins is a currency symbol where a user performs transactions with receiving and sending money in bitcoins instead of real money. Bitcoin generators are a software that can double or triple your bitcoins within 5-10 minutes with a minimum balance in your bitcoin pocket. There are many companies that offer a free bitcoin generator, but do a thorough research before investing, because many of them are frauds. Bitcoin is the new currency of the next generation and has a wider range in the future.

Getting Started – Here are some things to keep in mind

There are many things that are required for a successful business. I recommend that you keep these points in mind so that you can do something that you can keep your hat on.

1] Build something you believe in

I have learned a great lesson from owning a company for 5 years. When you are in the dark basement, there is only one thing that keeps me going when you think you don't produce your business the way you want it, and that was my intention.

2] Don't make small changes, be radical with your development.

Today we have incredible products and services through entrepreneurship. I recommend keeping detailed statistics, such as marketing, profit and expenses. When you stack up on your stats, you can track where you need your development.

3] If you are successful, look for copywriters

When an idea starts to succeed, people all over the world are trying to copy what you have to offer. Although it is unfair, I always recommend finding ways to separate yourself from the bark of copying cats.

4] Save your money so that you can save it later

Although this is a powerful advice, it is very difficult to do. When I started, it felt like I was getting all my money. One of the main reasons why my company is still stuck is that I have a strong savings account to cover my losses.

5] Rome was not built in one day

Getting started from scratch takes a lot of time. According to Forbes, most companies are still falling apart after the fifth year. What this means is that, on average, most companies lose direct cash within five years and do not earn up to 5 years.
7 years.

6] Make sure you save your time

Careful research on the area you are part of is important. For example, I am part of the telecommunications industry and made it a priority to look at the history of companies in the sector. I looked at their survival rates to see if they could withstand the test of time.

7] Consult with your loved ones

When you decide to start a company, your family gets the pros and cons of starting a company. If your family prevents you from seeing the disadvantages of building a company, then it will fix things that are very difficult for you.

Palm County property beach

The Palm Beach County property is a magnificent property that sells and sells delicate homes. The homes in which customers are happy to own the property are engineered, designed and modernized. Employees are managed by a respected management who serves their potential clients with professionalism, integrity and transparency. Palm Beach County's property management has been driven by globalization. The property is available to anyone in the world. We value and respect our customers. Palm Beach County Real Estate has a proven track record of providing our customers worldwide.

Palm Beach property is built to provide customers with 100% benefits and offers free home construction and property valuation. It extends firmly to provide the best possible customer service. It is reflected in the creativity and direction of modern culture in construction. Participates in the purchase of new homes and at the same time selling homes to customers. It is a legitimate company that has helped many people to get a lot of money from scams. It also helps save money by helping people who play a role in buying and selling homes.

Palm Beach property is located in Florida. Its services should be imitated by local residents. Its policy is designed to benefit customers. Buying a home is one of the greatest decisions a person can make. A beautiful home keeps the family safe, happy, cheerful and peaceful. The Palm Beach property has nothing to do with buying and selling mid-level homes. It is deeply focused on the purchase and sale of flawless and magnificent homes for customers. It is important and effective to have a home that is well-colored, well-made, and has a large family.

The vision and purpose of the Palm Beach property is to guide customers in obtaining affordable and reliable homes. Company employees are well-informed to help customers buy the home they choose. Palm Beach property is looking for a quality home and a market that is sold or under contract for a fair market. It maintains itself in a competitive market to supply itself with standardized homes. It is trying to differentiate its customers, which allows them to become the best real estate company.

If someone wants to sell their home, they are professionally photographed and also do virtual tours. It helps the seller to sell their home in the market with technology appropriate Palm Beach property reduces the difficulty of selling luxury homes on the market. The process is done in a short time. He put himself in the best channels of meeting with customers. These channels include; direct email websites, as well as social media with the most traffic. Specific logistics and strategy will be continued and formalized from the beginning to the end.

Philippines Island-Hopping – An Exciting Experience

Few outdoor activities can be more fascinating than touring the islands if properly planned. In this article, I will cover some tips that will guide you through the maze of islands in the Philippines and how you and your partner can have a nice time doing it. So let's take a trip to the Philippines and check out the islands there. You will enjoy a fun diving experience, delicious meals and untouched coral reefs covered with colorful fish and much more.

The island hopping in the Philippines is unmatched because the Philippines, as an island, is made up of 7,100 islands located in Southeast Asia. What makes touring the Philippine Islands on this paradise island even more attractive is that you will not cost you an arm and a leg.

If you are a nature lover, enjoy every minute of your visit and activities: fine white sand beaches, delicious and delicious meals and breathtaking scenery. You will also enjoy all kinds of water sports activities: diving, parasailing, surfing, snorkeling and more.

What would you do with 7,100 islands in one country? Exploring some of them can be an obvious answer if time is on your side. Either way, it's probably what you could do during your next trip to the Philippines.

Since you decided to go to the Philippine Islands, grab a piece of paper and make a plan. Make it real, feasible and flexible. When venturing into foreign territories, include plan B in your overall plan, because sometimes ferries are delayed, the plane may be delayed and a host of other unknown factors caused by Mother Nature.

Time is an important factor to consider in your plan. Let's say you want to go to Cebu, a province of the Philippines for island hopping. Supposedly, upon your arrival from the US, you stay in a hotel in Manila, the capital. It will take about 45 minutes to get from Manila to Cebu by air. In all, when you arrive at Cebu City, Cebu, you can rest for a while and begin your journey of relaxation through the islands the next day. In all likelihood, you need a day or more to move from one island to another.

On your journey, you will use domestic flights, small boats, known as short-haul stalls, roro boats and longer ferries if needed. On land, you may need public transportation such as buses, taxis and rental vehicles or rent a private chauffeur driven car at a very reasonable cost. There will be plenty of food and drinks to satisfy your needs almost everywhere. This should not be a big concern for you. Be sure to bring your own drinking water or drink water only from sealed water bottles.

You can plan the following destinations when you are in Cebu City: Bohol, Mactan, Negros Oriental, Leyte, Siquijor and more. For the sake of argument, out of these five islands, I will show you how to skip only Bohol and Leyte. You can easily execute others based on the first two by applying the same procedures and principles.

Let's move on. Be sure to check the Philippine holiday calendar as this may hamper your tour. You must travel very light. Wear comfortable clothes and waterproof shoes. You should carry a lightweight backpack and a waterproof camera if you have them. Do not rely on ATMs or banks; therefore, you must take money or currency from the Philippines.

On average, you should spend about 1,100 Philippine pesos or coins or $ 26 a day on island tours or more, and this should cover transportation, food and other things.

From Manila, the capital
You must purchase a roundtrip airfare in Manila at Ninoy International Airport. From Manila, take a domestic flight to Cebu International Airport, located in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. You have a choice of hotels in Lapu-Lapu City. The flight from Manila to Cebu Mactan International Airport in Lapu-Lapu City takes about 45 minutes.

Once in Cebu, the first important thing you should do is gather all the information about ferry schedules: fare, departure date / time and return to your destinations. In addition, you must make a hotel room reservation in advance if you plan to stay overnight at one location. Ask the hotel receptionist for the information you are looking for.

You must decide whether or not to spend a night at each destination. This is the best way to sync your island itinerary. Basically, you may need to spend at least 4 or 5 nights in Cebu if you want to visit 3 or 4 nearby islands as long as you don't stay overnight on any of them.

The first island you may want to visit is Bohol. Then from Cebu City, you take a ferry boat. At the hotel reception, ask the receptionist how to travel by boat to Bohol. With this information, the taxi driver will take you to the right pier for your ferry destination, which is Bohol. Get a round trip ticket. Be sure to check the time and date of your return trip.

You can choose to explore Bohol by bus or private car or with a tour guide. And with you. After you break up with Bohol, you might decide to go to Leyte the same day, probably early in the evening. Check the ferry schedule from Bohol to Leyte to ensure the island tour continues as planned.

From Bohol, buy a roundtrip ticket from Supper Shuttle Ubay (Bohol) to Bato (Leyte). Check your ferry tickets to ensure you arrive on time when you return. From Bato, Leyte, you can hire a tour guide or a private car with a driver to take you to some notable tourist areas; This is also a possibility. However, a tour guide should be the way to go. As you will arrive in Leyte sometime in the evening, you will have to spend the night there. You will find many hotel accommodations and restaurants to choose from.

You have almost all day to explore Leyte. Ask the hotel receptionist for information on tours: city tours, boat trips and the like. If you choose to practice water sports, you can rent a small boat or board a passenger boat (a bank) for a ride. If you are into diving, board a dive boat. In this case, you can rent a snorkel, a mask and other gear on the beach. Before you do this, find out if these equipments come with the dive tour rate as a package.

If you like diving, you may also love the landscape of pristine coral reefs, covered with colorful fish. Maybe after a nice and exciting dive, you are ready to board a ferry on the way back to Cebu. Review your ferry schedule. If you have some more time before leaving for Manila, you can tour a few more islands in Siquijor, Mactan Island and Negros Oriental. Happy island hopping in the Philippines!

Bitcoin definition

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency, mainly money that can be sent over the Internet. 2009 was the year the bitcoin was born. The name of the creator is not known, but the name Satoshi Nakamoto was given to this person.

Benefits of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions are done directly from the Internet to the person. You don't need a bank or clearing house to act as an average person. As a result, the operating fees are very low, which can be used in all countries around the world. Bitcoin accounts cannot be frozen, the same conditions for restrictions do not exist. Every day more and more merchants start to accept them. You can get everything you want with them.

How Bitcoin works.

It is possible to convert dollars, euros or other currencies into bitcoins. You can buy and sell it in any other currency. To protect your Bitcoins, you need to keep them in something called wallets. This wallet is on your computer, mobile device or third-party sites. Sending Bitcoins is simple. Emailing is as simple as sending it. With Bitcoins you can actually buy anything.

Why Bitcoins?

Bitcoin can be used anonymously for all kinds of goods. International payments are extremely easy and inexpensive. The reason for this is that bitcoins are not really tied to any country. They are not subject to any regulation. Small businesses love them because credit card fees are not charged. There are people who sell Bitcoins only for investment purposes and expect to increase their value.

Ways to Acquire Bitcoins.

1] Buy on the stock exchange: People are allowed to buy bitcoin or on bitcoin exchanges. They do this by using the currencies of their countries, or any other currency that they own or desire.

2] Transfers: individuals can only send bitcoins to each other via mobile phones, computers or online platforms. Same as sending digital money in cash.

3] Mining: The network is provided by some people called miners. They are regularly rewarded for all newly approved transactions. Thesis operations are fully audited and then recorded in documents known as a transparent book. These people compete for the mines of these bitcoins by using computer devices to solve difficult math problems. Investing a lot of money for miners hardware. There is something called cloud culture right now. With the use of cloud mining, miners invest only in third-party websites that provide all the necessary infrastructure, reducing costs for equipment and energy consumption.

Save and Save Bitcoins.

These bitcoins are stored in a place called digital wallets. These wallets are available in the cloud or on people's computers. The wallet is something like a virtual bank account. These wallets allow individuals to send or receive bitcoin, pay for things, or only save bitcoins. These bitcoin wallets against bank accounts are never insured by the FDIC.

Types of wallets.

1] Cloud wallet: The advantage of having a wallet in the cloud is that people do not wait for a long synchronization process by installing any software on their computers. Disadvantage is that the cloud can be hacked and people can lose their bitcoins. However, these sites are very reliable.

2] Computer wallet: The advantage of having a wallet on a computer is that it keeps people from bitcoins safe from the rest of the internet. The disadvantage is that people can format their computer or erase it because of viruses.

Bitcoin Anonymity.

There is no need to specify the real name of a person when making a Bitcoin transaction. Each of the Bitcoin transactions is recorded. This note contains not only the names of the people but the wallet IDs. So basically every operation is private. People can buy and sell things without looking.

Bitcoin innovation.

Bitcoin has created a whole new way of innovation. Bitcoin is open source, which means that anyone can view it. The present reality is that bitcoin is changing the world in a way that is similar to how the Web has changed everything about publishing. The concept is brilliant. When everyone has access to the entire bitcoin world market, new ideas come into play. Decreasing operating fees is a bitcoin fact. Bitcoins adoption is costly, which is also easy to install. Fillings are not available. The Bitcoin community will create all sorts of additional businesses.

Making a Change in an Apple Pay World

Recently, I was asked to make a presentation on adaptation by one of the world's largest international hotel brands to attend the upcoming International Leadership Conference. For the past two weeks I have been highlighting the topic that I have been presenting to teams and having relationships with other executives, and I understand the importance and importance of this topic. there is a great need.

As you can see, I chose an Apple Pay World Change title. The reason is that over the years, we have to learn the value of hard currency and every time we give math to someone, we need to know how much we can change. Then came credit and debit cards, and the payment was automatic and we don't have to worry about making a change. Of course, the latest in the evolution of exchange is Apple Pay and the likes. Apple Pay credit and debit cards are easier to use and don't require thinking about change. So I use this as an example of how adapting to change can be done automatically and automatically, if you know the secrets of how we actually make people accept changes, we do it every day because it is the only stable change. Many changes occur outside of our awareness; The cells in our bodies are constantly changing so that every 7-10 years, there is a "new" body, our thoughts and beliefs are changing, and businesses are constantly changing or competing to stay ahead.

Even if we are forced to accept change easily, what is the reason for our resistance and change? "Satisfaction is what most people think is their greatest instinct, but not the strongest instinct. When we think about change or when we think about it, our fear of change will continue to plague us now." As if we have this inner "crystal ball" and we can see what will happen after the change. "Crystal ball" reveals many scary things. I believe that "80% of what we fear is never. It doesn't happen, "said Dr. Joyce Brothers, another psychologist. It is fair to say that you have to be smarter and more competent in dealing with this situation if you have experienced something similar before. If this is a completely new situation then you have four options; Run away, be scared, fight or look at your face. To summarize, I have not looked at the details of each of these. I will say that only one of the four choices gives a positive result.

Of course, there are many ways to learn how to adapt easily to presentation. What are the two things you can do now to help yourself and others through change?

1] I wrote a note to myself recently at 2:00 am. While writing the note in the blue light from the fridge, I tried three different pencils. Since the first two were ink-free and didn't appear on paper, I finally used a large black magic marker. The next morning, when everything was fully burned, I looked at the paper I was writing and saw three attempts. You see, because I could see black ink I was looking at the wrong light . It goes back to managing the "crystal ball" in your imagination. Taking a step back from the situation, looking at it objectively, can give it a new "light". Talking to an experienced business coach can do wonders because there is no emotional investment to interfere with your decisions. For example, I had a client who was thinking about changing jobs. Of course, there was a fear and a change in a job that had been going on for years, and there was "security" that they accepted that it had a large number of unknown companies. The change was a major concern. They also loved their current job, especially working two days a week at home. The potential job offered more money and it was more difficult, two of the things the man was looking for, but he had no ability to work from home. He feared that this change would violate the freedom they were accustomed to, and he began to imagine all the negative opportunities that might accompany the change. Finally, after weighing all the factors, the man put aside his fear of change and started a new job. Over the course of the next few weeks, many strange surprises had begun to happen. The new business has proven that nothing is as it was supposed to be!

2] Understand your identity against your roles. In Western culture, many of us live primarily in the roles we play in life. We turned into what we were doing and forgot who we were. Therefore, change is becoming scary. Think about it. If there is a change in your work or business, then you believe your company will change you! That is why so many people are depressed when they lose their jobs, even when they have nothing to do with it. Some of them have so much personality in the role they play as workers that they have nothing left to live and die when they retire. Before leaving this topic, I want to highlight the needs of Anthony Robbins and his 6 People. Two of his needs are Stability and Diversity. Tony says we need both and at the same time. He told me how or why something I had never heard was possible. Here's the answer: Your self-identified personality is all about your beliefs and values ​​and should feel safe, stable and protected. Your roles are flexible, fluid, and really need change. When you learn to separate your personality from your roles, an incredible transformation can happen that makes it easier to accept change! For more information on Personality / Role Assignment please contact me if you have any questions.

This is just a small piece of information I would like to share with your organization to help you and your people adapt and even learn how to accept change. And shouldn't that be the case? The change is stable and change is coming. I can help you learn how to master everything you have to offer!

Cryptocurrency & Rocky Road: Chinese ICO ban

What's coming to the world of cryptocurrencies after China's ICO ban?

The biggest event in the cryptocurrency world recently was the announcement of Chinese authorities to close the exchanges where cryptocurrency trades. As a result, BTCChina, one of China's largest bitcoin exchanges, said it would stop trading until the end of September. The news prompted a sharp sale of bitcoin (and other currencies, such as Etherium), which fell nearly 30% lower than the previous month's record prices.

So the cryptocurrency rollercoaster continues. With Bitcoin surpassing its value by four times from December 2016 to September 2017, some analysts predict that cryptocurrencies will recover soon. Josh Mahoney, a market analyst at IG, cryptocurrencies comments for. "Past experience tells us (they) will probably put aside these recent challenges," he said.

But these ideas do not come without opposition. Mr Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, noted that bitcoin was "inoperative" and that it was "worse … than tulip bulbs" (referring to the Netherlands tulip mania & # 39; accepted as the world's first speculative foam) The 17th century … "explodes." It is too early to say that Bitcoin will fire employees who are stupid enough to trade.

The assumption is aside, what is actually going on? Since China's ICO is banned, leading economies in the rest of the world are taking a fresh look at how the cryptocurrency world can be regulated. Instead of banning ICOs, other countries are still recognizing the technological benefits of cryptocurrency and looking to control the market without obstructing the growth of currencies. The big problem for these economies is understanding how this will happen, because alternative nature does not allow cryptocurrencies to be classified under traditional investment asset policies.

Some of these countries include Japan, Singapore and the United States. These economies are trying to set up accounting standards for cryptocurrencies, especially for cryptocurrencies, with the goal of laundering money and laundering more dirty money. However, most regulators recognize that cryptocurrency is not a real benefit to the full ban because of the economic flows they carry. Also, since it is virtually impossible to close the cryptocurrency when the Internet is available. Regulators can focus only on areas where they can exercise some control, which is in line with the visible cryptocurrencies fiat currencies (ie cryptocurrency exchanges).

Although cryptocurrencies have become more and more controlled over time, such events have benefited some countries, such as Hong Kong. Since the Chinese ICO ban, the founders of many cryptocurrency projects have moved from the mainland to the city. Aurelian Menant, CEO of Gatecoin, said the company had "received a large number of inquiries from mainland blockchain project developers" and said there was an increase in the number of Chinese customers registered on the platform.

Looking a little further, companies like Nvidia have shown a positive response from the measure. They claim that the ICO ban will only increase GPU sales because the ban will likely increase demand for GPUs related to cryptocurrency. With the ban, the only way to get cryptocurrency mined with GPUs is to mine mine with computing power. Thus, those who want to acquire cryptocurrency in China now have more computing power than do direct purchases through exchanges. In fact, Nvidia's view is that it is not a downward spiral for cryptocurrencies; In fact, other industries will also give a boost.

In light of all the fears and debates about cryptocurrencies, the integration of technology into the global economy is gaining momentum. Cryptocurrency rollercoaster deserves your attention if you believe in the future of technology or think it's a "blast" scam.