Application of Improv comedy principles for work

Purple comedy is a form of theater where a group of performers never make a scene beforehand and immediately uses audience suggestions to create a comedy. If you have ever seen a television show, & # 39; Whose Line Anyway? & # 39; you've seen improv comedy. Reputation is fast, funny and quite often.

The first reaction that people need to hear about the business of improvisation comedy is business. How can the comedic comedy apply to it? & # 39;

Yes, the answer is pretty simple. The key to successful improvisation is to be willing to take risks, to understand how you get into your creative resources, to listen to other people, and to work well. Show me a businessman who will not be willing to take risks, touch his creativity, and benefit from his ability to listen and work with others.

An improvisation should take risks regularly. The main risk is on the stage without any preparation and trying to create something fun. Without taking this risk, birth imprisonment does nothing. Similarly, a person in today's workforce must move forward and test new ideas and techniques. There is no progress and innovation without risk. Businesses that want to stay competitive require their people to move forward with new ideas. This can never be done unless people are willing to take risks.

Creativity is often craftsmanship. as incorrect. In euphoria, it becomes clear that the performer must be creative. An improvisator should immediately prepare interesting ideas without hesitation. Although most artists are creative, creativity is much more than art. Creativity is simply the ability to create. It is the ability to draw results from nothing. It is the ability to create new ideas. These new ideas can be solutions to problems, innovative products or new ways to work with customers. Just because artists are creative does not mean that they cannot benefit from other people's creativity.

Unlike stand-up comedy where the performer is single, improv requires collaboration between two or more players. When a performer ignores their partners and does not attract them at all, it creates a tearful atmosphere in the band. The best improvisation happens when everyone is involved and there is a free flow of ideas that are supported and built by everyone. This attitude is the heart of communication. It is the key to building a strong relationship without having to talk to a coworker, customer, friend or family member, and openly and honestly listen to another person.

Effective birth control keys are almost the same as the keys to success in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. It really shouldn't be surprising; life, after all, is the last birth.