Here are four simple ways to boost your gold earnings

Gold increased by more than 300 percent For the last 10 years and we are only in the second phase of its bull market. The global economic situation supports sustained price growth, and what you should expect now can only be explained as a manicure phase. We are currently going through a price crossroads that trigger a nervous reaction to Goldman Sachs' fraud allegations.

Great banks this time They used the opportunity to shorten markets and support the dollar. All of these blips can be annoying and it is best to take advantage of the variability. But if you're not an experienced trader, it's best to ride bumps. Gold prices continue to rise steadily, and our gold reserves and capital continue to strengthen our portfolio.

Gold attracts attention An investment society that has more opportunities to benefit from rising prices compared to the 1980s spin. In the 1980s, we would be limited to bullion, individual gold stocks and very little managed stock. Now the choice is bigger and we have the convenience and speed of e-commerce in addition to various investment opportunities.

For the last 5 years, BlackRock Gold and General, a mutual fund that chooses more precious metal mines, rose 200%. Gold rose 150% in the same period, which showed a tendency to surpass the bullion prices as the trend continued.

But now we have ETFs available from precious metals and stocks that can be easily sold from mutual funds.

1. Clear choices If you want to get exposed to metals, the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) or SLV, ISHR Silver Trust ETF, which needs to store bullion stocks to return the shares. Much has been written recently about the risks of counterparty and about 100 non-security threats, but more so at another time.

2. Alternative ways to invest inside the bullet, without the risk of the other side, is to take the bullet and keep it for you. This is an example of organizations offering this service GoldMoney and Perth Mint, both ways of owning real property and, if you wish, transfer some of your wealth to offshore.

3. Market Vectors Gold (GDX) is another example of a high-volume, easily-available ETF. AMEX is trying to duplicate the Gold Mines Index and is quite variable. If markets get a dive that many forecasters believe is too late, GDX is likely to fall, but if gold continues to rise, the GDX will recover very quickly.

4. GDXJ is a new ETF This also allows you to earn from the small equity stocks listed on Canadian stock exchanges. Wait for a rough trip, but there is a huge potential to save. The GDXJ is already showing high volatility, which is not surprising.