Get gold and silver – is it possible?

Ah, gold and silver. It is brilliant. Very cute. We need a lot of money. The government can protect your wealth from erosion by printing more money. Can Protect Your Wealth – But Can You Increase Your Wealth?

The issue of gold and silver is not always of interest. As you can see, there are the same number of ounces you get when you start. The problem is that you do not build your wealth at all. Bullfighting is a great way to get and keep your wealth, but it's not a great way to grow your wealth. I'm talking about real metal money. The real hard money you can keep in your hands.

There is a way to earn an effective "bonus ounce" from precious metals. What does it mean to earn interest in gold and silver? First, we must clarify what it means to be interested. This basically means you can buy a few ounces of gold or silver and over time you will be paid an ounce of extra precious metals. This usually does not work. In fact, you generally have to pay for your insurance and pay for your insurance.

So, to get paid extra ounces, we need to agree with someone who can afford us gold and silver for our ability to use our metal. Is it true? That's right.

Another thing. We want to make sure our gold and silver are metal. We would like to remind you that we want to continue to own these precious metals. We just don't want to sell gold and silver currencies, invest in something that pays a good profit (like FOREX trading) and then return the metals. We need a way in which metal still belongs to us while we earn large amounts of interest. It should always be a precious metal, not just expressed in troy ounces, without turning into something else.

The best way for me to see this happen is to use gold and silver to extract gold concentrate, ore, and future extracts directly from a mine. How could this work? Suppose you could use 10 ounces of gold to get 20 ounces of gold inside a gold ore. If you pay 11% for withdrawal and refinement, you will earn 10% of your gold deposits. This way, you will always have gold and will help some time before you can get your original gold and come with some friends to pay what you expect when you get your original gold back.

The only problem with such an arrangement is that you do not have a good business relationship with any mining company, or you may not be in the range of $ 50,000- $ 10,000 for a wholesale purchase agreement. gold directly from me.