Staff Photo booths at Christmas parties

The often-anticipated, annual office holiday season is hard to find something fun and exciting for your employees. If you want to hire your own entertainment, you will be a well-established company with a large number of employees. This can make things even more difficult to fulfill.
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Why Don’t You Hire a Party Photo Booth?

There are two reasons why you should come – the staff will love it and you and your company can take advantage of the marketing opportunities! Yes, it’s a marketing opportunity, but I’ll go back later in this article.
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First, let’s concentrate on the value of entertainment. As a concept in England, especially when writing this article, Party Photo Booths are relatively new and can be difficult to understand as the original intent is a bit more serious and to be honest gray and boring.
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In the lobby of the supermarket, you have seen kiosks for ID cards, but not in the form of coin processing, which is usually activated by buttons or screens instead of ID cards. At some point in your teens, I’ll get together with you and your spouse – now everyone’s back to you … it’s fun! From Oscar to X-Factor, birthdays and weddings, their popularity is growing worldwide. If you hire the right photo booth dealer, you will also find a box for decorating, a hat, wigs, glasses, etc. for fun. It should be.
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Throughout the duration of the party, everyone cheers, does not give a wheel, needs a break or runs out of repertoire. No doubt they also squeezed themselves into a corner, leaving the dance floor or the stage more open. For some reason, no matter what age or age, people cannot get enough of them. It may not be a bit difficult to explain why people move towards a photo booth, but they usually queue all night as people wait for the eleventh photography.
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Maybe this? Behind the curtain, out of sight… They are not really, because nobody will see what they do until they do it. when the footage is online, or a few days later? Once they get the print, they will hide it, bend their arms around it and then look ridiculously embarrassed – at least for a few seconds, only to show it to those interested at the first opportunity. Very often, the first few predictions can be made, but as the evening collapses and confidence grows, you see the complexity of the pictures or the design of the dress changes from the change of clothes in the booth to every frame of the print!
So your employees are happy with this marketing opportunity?

A photo booth does not violate the party recruitment budget, so once the marketing potential is a factor, they are no longer worth the money – they are definitely trading. First of all, the positive media want employees to know they are working for a good company. Using photos will give your company a positive image that can be built as a part of your personal or general marketing, regardless of how stupid you get in the cabin in the right media.
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Second, and this is a real benefit – it includes printing a photo booth manufactured to enter your brand or your current sales message. Be assured of this, insist the photo booth seller does not identify their company names, and make sure your company name or product and logo are at a high level. After the event, make sure that you have all the pictures for the employees to upload, and that each individual image will be displayed in one place.
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This is the place of interest. A significant part of your employees will be sharing this or other social networking site, Facebook, my location, reuniting our friends and so on. Will use.
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Most of the people on these sites have between 80 and 150 friends, some of them more. These friends will know the friends of your friends who love to write or comment against the articles you have prepared on your staff pages.
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Let’s look at this conservatively, if there are 100 people at the banquet and 80 people upload their crazy holiday photo booth photos to their social pages, this has been seen by 80 friends, and you have seen at least 6400 companies’ names or products. flights
Now 6400 people who associate your name and product with a happy idea! This is 6400 people taken subliminally in your sales message or company name.

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How much do you need in print media to see at least 6400 people and not see the publication where your ad is posted? Many of your employees will have over 500 friends, some even over 1,000 friends, how strong is that? It does not matter whether accountants or computer game makers are strong enough for marketing if the social networking sites are used properly.
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So hiring a party Photo Booth for your employees at the annual Christmas party is not only a full night party but also a delicate marketing option that uses all your employees as sales agents.
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So join the network, explore a few photo booths in your area and start your highly successful New Year’s Eve campaign to give your employees one of the hottest forms of entertainment available right now! flights
Last thought is that if your employees need to get into your office in the new year for a salary increase, you should be reminded that you have to stay in your desk.

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