Mining Company Risk


In the past, I have discussed some of the risks associated with the small mining industry. In this article, it is important to recognize what has been said in the past regarding mining operations in Venezuela.

When countries have significant real assets, these mines or mining projects are likely to be under increasing political pressure. For example, Australia recently announced a 40% tax on mine production. At this point, though, there is a suggestion, a confirmation of my point.

For a historical example, an article published by International Business Times a few years ago says that Hecla Mining's gold mine in Isidora is the third operation in Venezuela's mineral-rich Bolivar to block a week-long traffic. The gold miner demanded that President Hugo Chavez's cultural nationalization be in bad working condition. "

I met with Laura Skaer from the Northwest Cultural Association to look at some potential mining laws proposed in the US. But I said that we would have more difficulty in the mining industry than in the world. The situation was resolved, but it did not benefit Hecla or the mining industry. I think it is my duty to give you a great view and a long-term perspective. Most people are not closely following the mining industry, but some of the proposed changes have a potentially long-term impact.

Every now and then, the US House of Representatives proposes a bill that could affect the mining industry. This "jobless" period is very important for anyone interested in any area within the United States during a recovery period. For those who are bent on the "green" sector, let them agree – at the same time – "Mines to grow when it's impossible to grow."

There are numerous misinformation and outright lies related to the mining industry. In today's world, most mining activities are carried out in the least environmentally friendly manner, and in almost all cases (according to US standards) the property is returned to its natural state upon completion of mining. This is a fact that very few other people in the industry actually know.

There are still exceptions, but most are true that modern life requires the work of metals and rare earths. A perfect exploration of the current state of mining is a documentary called "Do Your Own Work". If you can rent this DVD, it is highly recommended to tell the true story of mining from a completely independent source.

"What's preventing Mexico, South America, Canada, or Australia from enacting new mining legislation that will benefit the government and impede the mining industry?" When I ask, my concern goes out of the United States. It is clear who will follow in Australia, as previously said?

We suggest that those in the industry take our lead and reach this message to the press, radio and even business television audiences. In our opinion, this is the most important issue in the mining industry today, and it is hard for anyone to talk about it. This may be one of the reasons why only small miners work so poorly. Maybe the market will feel some harmful laws over the next few years.